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Pamper yourself with some of the purest natural organic cosmetics in the world – experience the salutary effects of our products. We’ve prepared several rituals for you, showing you how to use Klara Rott cosmetics.


Morning ritual

Get inspired by our morning care ritual and enjoy feelings like Lightness, Serenity, and Harmony. 

In the morning, first use the Lightness washing oil and Serenity herbal tonic. Once you have perfectly cleansed skin, apply the two-component serum Harmony. Apply the nourishing lip mask Touch to your lips and, finally, refresh your face with the hydrolate Freshness.

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Evening ritual

Get inspired by our evening care ritual and enjoy feelings like Lightness, Tenderness, Serenity, and Harmony. 

Wash away the whole day’s dirt and makeup with the washing oil Lightness, and finish cleansing your skin with the Tenderness makeup remover Serenity and herbal tonic. Once your skin is perfectly prepared, apply the two-component serum Harmony followed by the nourishing lip mask Touch.

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Weekly ritual

Get inspired by our weekly caring ritual, and enjoy the sensations of Velvet and Rebirth.  

Performing the weekly ritual once or twice a week is sufficient. Use one of the Rebirth masks as needed, before which you should ideally apply the peel Velvet.

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