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Sensitive with couperose

Have you noticed that your skin is reddened, dry, and sensitive, with widened veins? You could have couperose skin. In the beginning, symptoms might appear and then disappear, while in the later stages, your skin is reddened continuously. In that case, these products are just perfect for you.


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Gift package - Moisturising series

Gift package Moisturising series

The Klara Rott Organic cosmetics gift package – moisturising series – contains 2 products: the hydrating lifting fluid Breeze, and the hydrating two-c...

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173,00 €
Breath - Hydrating lifting fluid

Breath Hydrating lifting fluid

Do you want a hydrating fluid whose ability to increase skin hydration long-term has been directly confirmed by measurements taken at the Czech Republ...

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95,00 €
Harmony - Nourishing serum

Harmony Nourishing serum

Do you want to keep your radiant, youthful skin, which lacks for nothing? The serum Harmony for young skin prevents the formation of wrinkles and prov...

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122,00 €
Harmony - Anti-aging serum

Harmony Anti-aging serum

Do you want to reduce wrinkles, tighten your skin, and give it the necessary nourishment and hydration at the same time? The serum Harmony for mature ...

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122,00 €
Touch - Nourishing lip mask

Touch Nourishing lip mask

Do you suffer from constantly dry and cracked lips? The nourishing lip mask Touch perfectly moisturises your lips, providing them with much needed lon...

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25,00 €
Calm - Soothing herbal tonic

Calm Soothing herbal tonic

Do you suffer from problematic skin and related conditions? The balancing herbal tonic Calm, for problematic skin, was made specially for skin prone t...

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68,00 €
Lightness - Nourishing cleansing oil

Lightness Nourishing cleansing oil

Do you want to cleanse your skin thoroughly and nourish it at the same time? Lightness, the cleansing oil for normal and mature skin, contains rare or...

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69,00 €
Softness - Nourishing two-component makeup remover

Softness Nourishing two-component makeup remover

Pamper yourself with the two-component makeup remover Softness, with anti-wrinkle care. Contains 23 biologically active substances such as rare organi...

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65,00 €
Velvet - Peeling

Velvet Peeling

Do you want to have velvety soft skin? The 100% natural peel Velvet contains rare organic oils, handmade organic herbal extracts, and organic rice pro...

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52,00 €
Freshness - Lavender hydrosol

Freshness Lavender hydrosol

Experience endless refreshment. The lavender hydrolate Freshness pleasantly refreshes and harmonises your complexion. It effectively regenerates and s...

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26,00 €
Freshness - Rooibos hydrosol

Freshness Rooibos hydrosol

Experience endless refreshment. The rooibos hydrolate Freshness protects your skin against free radicals. It helps slow down the aging process and for...

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26,00 €
Rebirth - Two-component hydrating mask

Rebirth Two-component hydrating mask

Do you want a mask which verifiably increases your skin’s hydration? Mix your own always-fresh Rebirth hydrating mask whose ability to immediately inc...

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82,00 €
Rebirth - Two-component nourishing mask

Rebirth Two-component nourishing mask

Discover the true elixir of youth. Mix your own always-fresh Rebirth nourishing mask that deeply nourishes your skin and prevents premature aging. It ...

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78,00 €
Rebirth - Two-component purifying mask

Rebirth Two-component purifying mask

Can you feel your skin needing to breathe again? Mix your own always-fresh Rebirth cleansing mask that removes all dirt, unclogs pores, and soothes yo...

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78,00 €