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We recycle

We really do recycle, because there is only one natural world. No more throwing glass containers into the trash and needlessly wasting things nature has to offer.


Did you know that when you throw a glass container into the green waste bin, its conversion into a new product is very demanding, both in terms of energy and raw materials?

We have a better solution for you.

Return the empty glass bottle or jar to us, we will disinfect it and reuse it for its original purpose. And we’ll do this again, and again, and again.

By this simple step, you help save 99.9% of the energy and raw materials that would otherwise be needed for converting the glass into a new product.

Closing the circle of sustainability is very easy with Klara Rott.

Please send empty glasses to this address:

Klara Rott s.r.o., Lochovice 296, 267 23 Lochovice

And as a thank-you, you’ll receive 5% off your next purchase when you return the glass bottle or jar to us.

Life of a Klara Rott glass container



Manufacture in the glassworks

Printing on the glass

Filling the container


Delivery to the customer

Joy in the bathroom

Returning of the empty glass


Container inspection

Washing and disinfecting

Refilling and more joy in other bathrooms…​